Good morning world! It's 11:46 am, a timing which I considered I have overslept, and missed out merely a few hours before I could have run some errands by the grocery store. Yet, having enough sleep is really important every day, without proper sleeping cycles, I will undergo a tormenting phase of constant sneezing, an aftermath of drowsiness with the absence of any medication. I've catching up on my sleep this week, at least 8 hours a day to keep the engine going as November was filled with work assignments, some were opportunities, some were paid. I've put on a tad pressure on myself, and that caused me some dark circles, tiny pimples and a huge hole in my pocket for a facial last Monday๐Ÿ˜ช ๐Ÿ˜‚ 

On the whole, the assignments were platforms that I drew inspiration, new directions and possibilities from writers, photographers, and clients. Their passion is contagious. Listening and observing them at work has encouraged myself to become better. At this age, hardwork takes time to be recognised, appreciated and applauded by others, and it used to kill me, used to, when effort did not bear fruit. Only recently when Facebook reminded me of a poached egg on avocado toast photo I made, kinda styled and photograph three years ago, I saw the growth in me. From using a smartphone camera, to owning a DSLR today, yay!  That happiness lingered longer than seeing immediate results from someone "liking" my photo on Instagram. Now, growth matters more than anything else, I can't wait to share a few humble blessings I have last month!:D 

1) My recipe for Rosemary Prawns is featured in Cold Storage's SAVOUR magazine Christmas issue. A thrill of excitement ran through me when the editor wrote an email to me about covering my first recipe on this blog. Certainly, it is special to me. Again, it is a reminder to myself that who I am today is moulded by the steps I took early this year, where I decided to pay attention to expressing my thoughts clearly in words, photos and videos. I'm usually contemplative, not so good at words. And I always strive to be good enough for myself, for my family and my other half๐Ÿ’™

2) Collaborating with the energetic, fun and dedicated Ivan on his experience with the new Fujifilm GFX camera (yet to be launched) brought upon a new challenge. He is a creative and dynamic photographer with a huge mind to welcome new ideas. No boundaries or guidelines were there for me to abide by in conceptualising this video. I was free to think, visualise and filmed this video single-handedly. 

With love,

Ally Xx