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I have 99 problems and my skin is one of them. Caring for our skin daily by drinking enough water and experiencing good quality sleep is one of the easiest ways to ensure a sustainable confidence, youthfulness, and happiness. 

 As much as the above key habits are cultivated, our diet plays a significant role to our overall appearance. From my personal encounters, not drinking enough water a day results to a irritable, flaky forehead and scalp, or having coconut oil in my coffee will lead to white head production on my cheeks and forehead. It gets worse before and during mensuration. 

These are two alarming issues have gotten my attention to take corrective steps only at the start of 2018. Despite all the emotional distress to deal with my troubling, and unpredictable skin condition, with hindsight, I am fully aware of what is best to feed my skin now. 

Prior to partnering with Sample Store X VitaRealm Beauty Drinks for writing this post, I have indicated “dry skin”, “sensitive skin” and “acne-prone skin” in a short quiz for my skin concerns. My concerns are  primarily in pink, that brings me to the Skin Perfecting Essence, as my solution to balance, hydrate, and restore my skin with a natural radiant glow. 

Pink is my colour, the Skin Perfecting Essence

Pink is my colour, the Skin Perfecting Essence

First impression: Similar to another liquid collagen drink (Taut) I tried before, VitaRealm. Beauty Skin Perfecting Essence is packaged in light-weight, dark glass bottles at 50ml each. When I poured it out, the dense, golden liquid is rather bubbly, and it tasted refreshingly cool straight from the chiller. The difference here is the balanced, quiet tones of cherry sweetness and fragrance, which makes it makes it easy on the go. It never leaves you going for a glass of water right away due to its sweetness. 


My morning routine: For the past 16 days I have incorporated Skin Perfecting Essence alongside my usual daily supplements. On a busy morning when I was pressed for time to get ready for work, I would drink the chilled essence alone on an empty stomach. As for a slow morning with time to spare preparing breakfast, I would pour the essence to act as a sweetener and stir into my Nespresso coffee, enjoy it with a toast, and finally pop in my daily supplements. Always take supplements with food to reduce potential side effects like stomach upset etc. Either way, you can take the essence in the morning to absorb the high-antioxidants botanical extracts and 2,000mg of Marine Collagen Peptides more efficiently, or at night when natural renewal of our skin cells is stimulated. 

Before: 2 July 2019 (with whiteheads around my cheeks, forehead, scalp and before I remove them)

Before: 2 July 2019 (with whiteheads around my cheeks, forehead, scalp and before I remove them)

After: 18 July 2019 (whiteheads stop surfacing and subsiding from previous removal)

After: 18 July 2019 (whiteheads stop surfacing and subsiding from previous removal)

Final thoughts: Today marks the last day in finishing the 16th bottle. To compare the difference between day 1 and day 16, all the whiteheads that were removed before the first day of this challenge has stopped resurfacing, especially when I know that my next menstruation cycle is coming in the next 3 days on my calendar. Usually by this time of the month, my whiteheads will come say hi to me even though I have been cautious with using less makeup. I believe that it takes a long, mindful process to rejuvenate our skin with proper self-care tips and conscious eating habits, but I will praise that an extra protein supplement makes my skin feel plump and improves my hair health, being more tame and easy to manage every morning. 

Giveaway: I’m spreading love with 2 winners by giving away a box of VitaRealm Beauty with 8 bottles for each, based on your beauty colour. Look out for my announcement on 23 July at my IG stories for more information on how to win them! 

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Ingredients: Marine Collagen Peptide,Skin Perfecting Complex (Orchid Flower Extract, Acerola Cherry, Litchi Seed Extract, Olive Extract) ,Citric Acid,Sucralose, Mixed fruit juice (White Grape Juice, Litchi Juice, Apple Juice),Litchi Flavor, Water

 Perfect for: Improving skin elasticity and boost hydration for plumper, smoother looking skin.


Ingredients:  Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen ,Youth Revival Complex (Mangosteen Extract, Rosa Roxburghii Extract, Grapefruit Extract) ,Rose Powder ,Nelumbinis Semen Germ,Apple Juice,Citric Acid,Pectin,Mixed fruit flavor (Peach, Apple, Lemon) ,Erythritol,Sucralose,Water .

Perfect for: Restoring skin moisture & suppleness, delays premature skin aging, helps reduce appearance of wrinkles & fine lines,  and nourish the skin for ultra-smooth & clear results


Ingredients:  Collagen Peptide, Green Caviar® Sea Grapes, Vitamin C, W Beauty® Wasabi Leaf Extract, Gluthathione, PhytoflORAL®, Olive Extract, Citric Acid, Sucralose, Stevia, Apple Juice, Grape Flavor, Water

Perfect for: Achieving brighter, whiter, fairer, firmer skin and reduce wrinkles & fine lines.

Price: From now till the month of July, VitaRealm Beauty is running a promotion for their Essence and Collagen drinks at their online store at $39.90 (u.p. $49.90) with free doorstep delivery for SG orders. Alternatively, you may purchase from all Watson’s stores for a box of 8 bottles.